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Cald + Refugee Resources

Resources + Forms

Cultural diversity and refugee resources for educators

Cultural diversity: Examples to inspire early and middle childhood services – Video

Educators reveal how they support children from culturally diverse backgrounds at long day care and outside school hours care.

Try these reflective questions to use with this video, either individually or at your next staff meeting or PD session:

  • What inclusive practices could you see in the video?
  • How does supporting children from diverse cultural backgrounds make a positive difference to their development and wellbeing?
  • What does your service do to help families feel welcome?
  • Does your service truly reflect your community? How do you learn about the different people that make up your local area? And are there any gaps?
  • What can you do to make sure CALD perspectives are embedded across the program?

Reflective questions_Cultural diversity: Examples to inspire

Cultural connections – Booklet
Cultural-Connections Booklet Cover

This booklet has been created to help you and your team engage in some of the key topics surrounding cultural diversity. Through practical examples, stories, reflective questions and exercises, this booklet challenges us to go beyond the resources we have in our service and look at the relationships we make, the way we connect with others and our attitudes.


Cultural connections booklet

FKA Tip Sheet – Learning English as an additional language
Learning English as an additional language - tip-sheet-learning-english-as-an-additional-language-final-0516_Page_1

Information sheet about language, culture and identity, additional language acquisition and practice tips for services. Use the questions and practice tips to reflect on your practice and make a plan about how you might further support children and families.


Learning English as an additional language - Information sheet

Learning English as an Additional Language in the Early Years (Birth to 6 Years) – Resource booklet
Learning English as an Additional Language in the Early Years (birth to six years) _cover

An informative handbook by the VCCA that has practical strategies and ideas about how to create welcoming environments and support children who are learning English as an additional language.  Think about the reflective questions at the end of each section – what will you do differently in the future?


Learning English as an additional language in the early years (birth to six years)

Diversity in Practice – Services working with families with migrant and refugee backgrounds
Diversity-in-practice a kit for services working with families from migrant refugee backgrounds (NSW source)_cover

Diversity in Practice – a resource kit for early childhood services working with children and families from migrant and refugee backgrounds in the Nepean (NSW) area, Published by LEAD Professional Development Association Inc (formerly known as the Family Worker Training and Development Programme).

A resource developed for a community in NSW but still has universally useful information and tools for services. This resource includes seven tip sheets, as well as a culturally inclusive service assessment tool for children’s services. 


Diversity in Practice Resource Kit

Welcoming conversations with culturally and linguistically diverse families – A guide

A guide to support your service to develop practices, tools and resources to provide a welcoming environment and communicating to all families.


Welcoming conversations with culturally and linguistically diverse families

Exploring celebrations in children's services – Workbook

Check out how you can use celebrations to support children to develop an awareness of and respect for diverse values and beliefs. You will be able to describe and implement a range of strategies that will ensure that celebrations are reflective of the values and practices of families, children, educators and the wider community in which we live.


Exploring celebrations in children's services

Cultural Competence – Seeing life beyond our own existence – Information sheet
cultural-competence - seeing life beyong our own existance_Page_1

Understand what cultural competence is and what it might mean for educators. Use the reflective questions in your team meeting and develop a shared understanding of what it means to be culturally competent, plan how you might increase your cultural competence.


Cultural competence – Seeing life beyond our own existence

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie: The danger of a single story
The danger of a single story

Explores the what imapct the of making assumptions might have on children and families. A interesting story to generate collaborative critical reflection in a team meeting or with small groups, think about the single stories that have been created about children or families in your service, how could you respectfully find out more? What other stories are being missed?


Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie: The danger of a single story

The Strength of Bilingualism – Article
The Strength of Bilingualism-single page

Read this interesting article from Miriam Giugni to find out more about bilingualism and how powerful it is. What did you learn? What would you do differently?


The strength of bilingualism

FKA Children’s Services – Website

FKA Children’s Services advocates for children’s cultural and linguistic rights and provides support to education and care services in the provision of culturally rich environments that support a civil society. Explore this website and see where it takes you.

FKA Children's Services

Differential Parenting of Children from Diverse Cultural Backgrounds Attending Childcare – Article

From the Australian Institute of Family Studies comes this research demonstrating the differences between home and child care environments, have a read and think about what this research might mean for your practice and for the relationships you build with children and families.

Differential parenting of children from diverse cultural backgrounds attending childcare

Exploring Multiculturalism, Anti Bias and Social Justice in Children’s Services – Workbook
Exploring_Multiculturalism_single page

This workbook by Mirium Giugni has ideas and opportunities to help you explore what multiculturalism, anti bias and social justice might look like in your service. Read the book and use the questions to critically reflect on your practice. Collaboratively explore your own practice, read stories of how other services put new approaches into practice and think about what you might do differently.


Exploring Multiculturalism, Anti Bias and Social Justice in Children’s Services

Foundation House – Website

Foundation house is an organisation whose aim is to advance the health, wellbeing and human rights of people from refugee backgrounds, who have experienced torture or other traumatic events. Take a look at the resources such as “calmer classroom”.

Foundation House, Resources and Publications