The Inclusion Development Fund (IDF) provides funding to help eligible education and care services address a barrier to inclusion that requires extra resources. Your local Inclusion Professional can support you to apply for funding. When accessing funding, your service can continue to receive inclusion support from the Victorian Inclusion Agency.


What funding is available?

There are four streams of IDF funding support:

1.) An inclusion support subsidy for an additional educator at a centre-based service. Watch this video to learn more about the role of an additional educator.

Learn more about the subsidy for an additional educator


2.) A fee top up to be paid when the inclusion of a child with a disability results in a family day care educator being unable to enrol the maximum number of children.

Learn more about family day care top up funding


3.) An inclusion support subsidy that allows centre-based services to immediately employ an additional educator for a limited period of time.

Learn more about Immediate/Time limited support funding


4.) Funding to support flexible and alternative solutions to address barriers to inclusion. For example – funding could help your service access translating and interpreting services, services from cultural experts or specialist advice, including bicultural support workers.

Learn more about Innovative Solutions support funding