The Specialist Equipment Library is a free service managed by the Victorian Inclusion Agency, through Yooralla. We loan equipment that allows children with disabilities or additional needs to participate in your daily program and activities.

How can the Specialist Equipment Library help me?

Here’s an example: In one service, a family wanted to enrol their twins in care for the first time. The twins had high support needs, including physical disabilities. It was the first time the service had enrolled a child with a disability.

Together with their local Inclusion Professional, the service developed a Strategic Inclusion Plan. They identified a need for specialist equipment and increased knowledge and confidence among educators. Their Inclusion Professional helped the service apply for funding. Their application was successful, and the service received training and built partnerships with allied health professionals to learn how to use the equipment correctly.

What kind of equipment can I borrow?

  • Portable ramps
  • Standing frames and full support swings
  • Hoists, harnesses, change tables, toilet sets and steps, potty chair and mobile stools
  • Seating and posture aids
  • Specialist inclusion tools including switch toys
  • Specialised furniture including chair tables, desks and positioning equipment
  • Communication cards, charts and Auslan dictionaries


A child’s allied health professional can suggest additional accessories throughout their time at the service.


Browse the library catalogue

How do I access the equipment?

Your first step is to contact your local Inclusion Professional.

To borrow equipment, your service also needs to:

  • Support a child or children with a disability or additional needs
  • Complete a Strategic Inclusion Plan (together with your Inclusion Professional), which identifies the support needed. Contact your local Inclusion Professional now.
  • Fill in the item request form, which should include a recommendation from the child’s allied health professional
  • Have the equipment fitted by the child’s allied health professional
  • Sign a loan agreement

Contact the Specialist Equipment Library on (03) 8851 0831.

Specialist Equipment Library – Catalogue

VIA’s Specialist Equipment Library (SEL) loans specialist equipment to Victorian education and care services to facilitate and support the inclusion of a child (or children) with additional needs.

This resource includes a catalogue of the types of equipment available for loan.

SEL Equipment Catalogue


Specialist Equipment Library Procedures

This form outlines the types of equipment available for loan, who is eligible and how to make a request. 

Specialist Equipment Procedures


Specialist Equipment Checklist for Services

This checklist aims to briefly outline the steps, roles and responsibilities of inclusion professionals, education and care services, therapists, families and the Specialist Equipment Library (SEL) when requesting specialist equipment to overcome an inclusion barrier for a child/children at a service.

Specialist Equipment Checklist


Specialist Equipment Library Competing impacts

This form will help you consider all the competing aspects when making a request for specialist equipment.

For example: 

  • Will educators require training to use the equipment?
  • Does the service understand its obligations under the SEL guidelines?
  • Will the equipment support access and participation, is there an alternaltive?

Specialist Equipment Competing Impacts


Specialist Equipment Library Item Request Form

Education and care services are responsible for returning this form, along with relevant supporting documentation. Please email the completed form to

Specialist Equipment Item Request Form