I need a G-Tube

Needing a gastrointestinal tube or button can be confusing for a child. This guide for children, developed by the Grace Kelly Childhood Cancer Trust, explores the need for a feeding alternative, the process and what children and families can expect.

Children with medical conditions attending education and care services

Under the National Quality Framework, it is important all children attending education and care have their safety, health and wellbeing needs met. For children with health care needs, this often means additional requirements. Understand Victorian policy around medical and health needs, and discover simple things you can do in your service to best support all children.

Cerebral Palsy AllPlay Learn

Create inclusive education environments for children with developmental challenges and disabilities on the AllPlay Learn website. There’s a heap of free educator resources to help children feel more secure, confident and connected, including an emotion card set, strengths and abilities communication checklist and downloadable picture books.